Funny Cat Memory Game

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  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard
  • question mark game directions
    1. Click two cards to find a match (Matched cards will stay facing up and unmatched cards will flip back over).
    2. Find all pairs to complete the game.
    3. Medium: Yay! Extra cards and only 45 seconds to find all cats.
    4. Hard: Even more cards and you are timed!
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  • Number of Clicks:
  • Pairs Found:
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Game created by Ly Nguyen.

Last updated: 8/10/16

Ranks X
= max number of clicks allowed
flat clock icon
= max time allowed
star iconstar iconstar icon
Expert Cat Finder
mouse icon26
mouse icon34
clock icon0:45
star iconstar icon
Novice Cat Finder
mouse icon36
mouse icon44
clock icon0:55
star icon
Beginner Cat Finder
mouse icon>36
mouse icon>44
clock icon>1:00